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Wet Dry Solutions

We love a wet dry rig!
A wet dry setup offers several advantages, including: preserving the natural guitar tone, increased clarity and flexibility and control. A wet dry configuration is commonly used in professional guitar rigs, studio recordings, and live performances to achieve a balanced and dynamic guitar sound with the desired effects while preserving the natural character of the instrument.

The GigRig's G3 pedal switcher - back view

G3S Switching System

The GigRig HumDinger V2 splits your signal. Great for DI, reamping, wet/dry guitar sounds
The GigRig HumDinger V2 is the ultimate signal splitter. The ultimate solution focusing two amps at once



G3S Top Board Upgrade

Effortless switching. Used by international artists. Industry standard rig control. G3 is the most advanced effects pedal board switching system in the world.
G3 Switching System for your Guitar Effects Pedals

G3 Switching System

The GigRig G3 Atom Effect Switching System - Top View

G3 ATOM Switching System

G3 S Atom Switching system top view
G3 Atom S with Dimension details

G3S ATOM Switching System

ABY-BABY by The GigRig
TheGigRig Aby Baby is the ultimate compact ABY signal switcher



G3S ATOM Top Board Upgrade

The GigRig Midi Cinco. 5 in/ 5 out Patch Bay + 1 x Midi in, 1 x Midi out
The GigRig Midi Cinco. 5 in/ 5 out Patch Bay + 1 x Midi in, 1 x Midi out

Midi Cinco Patch Bay


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