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£109.00 (Inc. VAT)
£90.83 (Ex. VAT)
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The GigRig Humdinger

Split your signal, correct phase & kill hum.

Great for DI, reamping, wet/dry and plenty more besides.

The Humdinger was designed to eliminate earth loops in audio equipment by isolating the second output with a high quality audio transformer. Earth loops are a common complaint. As soon as the ground on your gear has more than one main route to earth, you have the potential for an earth loop. The best and safest way to get rid of an earth loop is to isolate the ground that is causing the hum. 

Using the Humdinger to get rid of earth loops is easy. If you use 2 amps all you need to do is stick the HumDinger at the end of your effects chain. Your main (buffered) output goes to one amp and the isolated output goes to the other. Your earth is consistent through the main output but isolated through the isolated output. 

Using a mains powered effects pedal, simply place the HumDinger in the chain after the mains powered effect. The Mains powered effect is your main ground and the ground from the amp is isolated.


POWER - 9V / 100mA
OUTPUTS - 1 x buffered, 1 x transformer isolated/phase reversible 
DIMENSIONS - 5.2cm x 2.6cm x 10.2cm / 2.05" x 1.02" x 4.02"
WEIGHT - 0.25kg / 0.6lbs

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  • 5

    Posted by Francisco Amorim on 25th Sep 2019

    I got it to setup a dry/wet rig, works perfectly. The small size is great to fit under any board. Shipping came super fast all the way to Brazil. I'm super satisfied with it.

  • 5
    Dings the Hum

    Posted by Iain Gorrie on 24th Aug 2019

    Very much enjoyed my first wet/dry rig experience thanks to the Humdinger. Really well built, great buffer and compact enough to fit on the underside of a mid-size Pedaltrain.

  • 5

    Posted by Anthony Cook on 23rd Aug 2019

    I had a phase reversal issue on my wet/dry setup. The Humdinger made the problem go away with, literally, the press of a button.

  • 5

    Posted by Mark Cooper on 29th May 2019

    Great product. Really good musical sound from the buffer and the ground loop eliminator works well.

    If Dan is in the mood for a version 2, the addition of midi switching for the polarity inversion would be great. This would remove the issue of some pedals output being the reverse phase of the input when switched in and out of the signal chain. Not an issue in mono applications but certainly a problem in wet/dry or stereo rigs. For instance Victory V4 reverses phase on channel two compared to channel 1.


  • 5

    Posted by Ian Fay on 2nd Mar 2019

    Does what it says - no more hum in my wet dry rig (and squeezed onto pedal board)

  • 5

    Posted by Paolo on 3rd Nov 2018

    Excellent produt. It does what is required. A must for proper dry/wet set up. Amazing what a dry/wet set up delvers in terms of clarity, richness and space. Once tried impossible to go back.

  • 5

    Posted by Giuseppe on 3rd Sep 2018

    Phase issue solved in a wet/dry/wet setup, nice equipment, more to experiment with. It's a great tool.

  • 4

    Posted by Vidar Vekve on 18th Aug 2018

    I bought the HumDinger to take care of my ground loop issues in my Dry/Wet setup. After I put this at the end of the chain on my pedalboard the problem was solved. The reason I gave it four stars and not five is I wish it had two inputs in case I would like to run a stereo setup.