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Evidence Audio Patch Cable Kits

£59.00 (Inc. VAT)
£49.17 (Ex. VAT)
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Evidence Audio Monorail Kits  with SIS plugs

Evidence Audio's Monorail Solid Core, Solder-Free Cable Kits.

Perfect kits for your switching set up and pedal board.

We've created multiple different kits to accompany each of our switching systems with the exact amount of plugs and enough cable to fit your board. 
Reliable and easy to assemble with the smallest plugs on the market, letting you make use of every inch of your board.  Simply select the 'Kit Size' you need.

Monorail cable is so strong, we even had a member of our staff hanging from our stairs with it without it breaking! 

Evidence Audio Monorail Patch Cable Kit - Contains:  SIS Plugs + Monorail Cable + handy cable stripping tool.

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  • 5
    evidence audio patch cable kit

    Posted by Ben on 26th Jun 2019

    I had never made my own cables before and this was easy. I made a mistake on the first one but was easy to repair. Just follow the instructions and you wont have a problem.

  • 5
    Evidence Patch Cables Set

    Posted by Paul on 14th Jun 2019

    These are just amazing cables and connectors. Very easy to assemble and make a noticeable difference to your tone. Don’t even hesitate about wondering if these work. These are the best!

  • 5
    Patch cable kit

    Posted by John Woodwatd on 26th Feb 2019

    Expensive but high quality & easy to assemble

  • 5
    Evidence audio cable kit

    Posted by william sherrington on 28th Aug 2018

    Excellent cables which, once I’d got used to it, were easy to construct. One small part was missing but was immediately replaced thanks!

  • 5
    A must to complete a quality pedalboard.

    Posted by Malcolm James King on 15th Mar 2018

    I had planned a G2 stereo build that also incorporated an extra input for my PRS P22’s Piezo pick-up that would run into the board then to a Fishman Aura Spectrum. My Wah would run before the G2, and my stereo reverb after the G2 and I was going to have loop 7 running to the patch box at the side of the board to facilitate my FX loop of the am. All of this meant I needed to order a G2 stereo kit and a QMX2 kit to have enough cable and connectors. That was a lot of money to lay down on top of ordering the G2, but after looking around the retailers in the UK I discovered that the Gigrig kits are better value than any other UK retailer for Evidence Audio.

    After taking some time and care making up the first connector the rest were made up easy enough. These really are very high quality, and once the pedalboard was all hooked up I loved how neat the board looked due to the compact size of the connector.

    In use my setup is now very low noise. Of course the G2 is likely a large part of this, but I’m also sure the cables help. They really are the best patch cables I’ve ever worked with and really set the board off. I honestly can’t see any of these ever failing. I’ve compared my clean tone with the new pedal board to my clean tone with my old board and I am absolutely sure my clean sound has vastly improved.

    Lastly, if you’re building a board with lots of high quality pedals then you really should consider using these. As soon as you prepare the first cable end you’ll see the quality of these and know you’ve made the right choice for your board.

  • 5
    EA Cables

    Posted by Dan on 21st Feb 2018

    These are now my go to patch cables. Very quick and easy to put together. My first time, I put together 30 patch cables and none of them had any issues at all. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully. Once you do one, the rest are super easy. They are expensive but like any high quality product you get what you pay for. At the end of the day, you don't save any money by buying the cheapest.

  • 5
    Evidence Audio Patch Cable Kit

    Posted by Daniel C on 24th Jan 2018

    Very good sounding cable. Very easy to mount. I had a similar product of solder-free cable, and it was such a bricolage. This one is professional. It's connect well and it has my full confidence.

  • 4
    Evidence Audio Patch Cable Kits

    Posted by Nikki Smash - The Rocket Dolls on 12th Dec 2017

    These are fantastic and are honestly easy to put together and i have noticed a sound quality difference more than i thought i would in all honesty. They sound clear, very clear i feel as i hear more of the pedals dynamics and range using things cables so if you're after that i can confirm its too they do make a difference in the sound. However, the price is madness I've ended up buy nearly £250 worth of this stuff over three separate buys in order to complete 8/9 pedals with my G2 and using a Pedaltrain Novo 32 sized board and don't be mislead with the length of cable you need! This is not a cheap thing to be doing at all i warn you all now. The other plus point with this though is the amount of space I've saved on the board has allowed me to almost place a 10th pedal on the board due to being able to gain space and being able to move pedals in better positions . I must add that one of the connectors came apart in the jack and cooper broke off when screwing in cable and i can't for the life of me get it out so i'm left with a wasted jack which i have to go and buy another for but all in all if money isn't a problem for you then hell yeah go for these!