Evidence Audio Patch Cable Kits

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Evidence Audio's Monorail Solid Core, Solder-Free Cable Kits.

Perfect kits for your switching set up and pedal board.

We've created multiple different kits to accompany each of our switching systems with the exact amount of plugs and enough cable to fit your board. 
Reliable and easy to assemble with the smallest plugs on the market, letting you make use of every inch of your board.  Simply select the 'Kit Size' you need.

Monorail cable is so strong, we even had a member of our staff hanging from our stairs with it without it breaking! 

Evidence Audio Monorail Patch Cable Kit - Contains:  SIS Plugs + Monorail Cable + handy cable stripping tool.

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    Evidence Audio Patch Cable Kits

    Posted by David Dodwell-Bennett on 22nd Jun 2020

    I bought this largely to tidy up my board which was made up of a wide variety of multi coloured "Guitar Shop own brand" patch cables I've acquired over the years. It does, of course, look far better now. However, what I didn't expect was just how much it would improve my sound. I've always people/reviewers over stated how much difference good cabling could make. I was wrong; these have massively improved my sound and the noise from my board is now non-existent. Evidence Audio are also a great company - I had a minor issue (which was my fault) which they responded to quickly and went way beyond what I'd expect from anyone in terms of sorting me out. I can't recommend highly enough.

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    Evidence Patch Cables

    Posted by Andrew Goldthorpe on 10th May 2020

    I have to say I felt nervous about buying this kit. I was unsure if I would have enough cable and fittings for my basic board (turns out, I didn't). I was worries about cocking up making the cables, and I indeed had a couple of cock ups in gauging the finished cable lengths. I soon got the hang of it though, and they are fantastic!!!!! Super easy to make a cable to your exact requirements without compromise of too much cable looking untidy and the quality is excellent. I won't use any other patch cables in the future, I didn't realise what they were doing to my tone. My only criticism would be that the jump from the small kit to the next size up is quite difficult to take, and a kit with 10 or 12 fittings and a bit more cable would have been very useful. I will buy another kit when I can afford it to replace a few patch leads I have had to use as I ran out of fittings so that all my cabling is of this type. In summary, expensive but worth it if you want the best for your board. Very pleased, happy to recommend.

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    Evidence Audio patch cable kit

    Posted by Philip Hayton on 3rd Apr 2020

    What a great product. If you want neat and tidy wiring on your pedal board, this is the kit to use. So simple to use. Got to be the best solderless solution out there.

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    Evidence audio patch cable kit

    Posted by Kristan Holmes on 20th Jan 2020

    What a fantastic product. After 1 failed attempt...the following 30 odd cables I made were a breeze and worked first time everytime. Quite a laborious task but the results are great. Only criticism is the naf little yellow tool that comes with..I never made friends with it and I think for the price of these kits a better tool should be included.

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    Worth It

    Posted by Shep on 11th Jan 2020

    I tried to resist overspending and built some soldered patch cables. They were good quality but the connectors were two clunky. Then I tried some cheaper solderless. They were ok, but fiddly to put together and a bit temperamental. Then I gave in and bought these. They're great. I would have saved myself enough time to justify the additional expense if I'd started here.

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    Evindence Audio Patch Cable Kit

    Posted by Walther Jochen on 23rd Aug 2019

    With a little practice and careful use of the included yellow cutting device, good patch cables that don't lose signal and are just the right length can be cut, folded and screwed together. I was not aware at first that the core wire can break off when the cable is inserted into the plug, but I learned on the few occasions it happened that no signal came through to open the plug and check - in each case, the core wire tip was broken. This could be mended easily. When measuring the length of the cable, the possibilty of wire breakage should be taken into account. - With this in mind, the Evidence patch cables are still the most practical and among the best-sounding patch cables I have so far had experience with.

  • 5

    Posted by Bob Clough on 28th Jun 2019

    An Awesome Product - Well Worth Every Penny - Highly Recommended.

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    evidence audio patch cable kit

    Posted by Ben on 26th Jun 2019

    I had never made my own cables before and this was easy. I made a mistake on the first one but was easy to repair. Just follow the instructions and you wont have a problem.