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Current Doubling Cable Adapter

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£8.33 (Ex. VAT)
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2.5 mm connections

If you have a pedal that requires more than standard current, you can use a Current Doubling Cable Adapter along with two matching High Current Adapters to provide your pedal with up to double the mA of a single High Current Adapter without the need of a custom shop solution.

One cable supplied, please choose 2.1 mm or 2.5mm connection.

1. Choose the High Current Adapters to match the Voltage your pedal requires. ( table below shows single adapter information)

2. Select the doubling cable with the connector size to match the High Current Adapter (2.1mm or 2.5mm).

3. Plug each output from the High Current Adapter into the inputs of the doubling cable and the single output plug into your pedal or  additional cable adapter (if polarity or connection size needs changing) 


Single High Current Adapter values:

High Current adapter power details

Please note:

These cables will not alter the polarity from the High Current Adapters. If you require the alternate polarity, you will require an additional Reverse Polarity Adapter after the current doubling cable.

If you require a change in connection you may require an additional Cable Adapter


If you need more advice on the correct power for your pedals our Custom Power Path Diagram service is available here